About Scott

About H. Scott Flegal

Make Better Business Decisions

If you want your business to succeed, improve your decision-making processes and make better business decisions.

Successful business owners know that one of the keys to success is making good business decisions every day. At large companies, CEO’s have the luxury of underlings to research, accumulate data and render assistance in the decision-making process. For owners of small and growing companies, though, decision-making can be cold and lonely. Smart business owners assemble a team of outside professionals who can offer wisdom and guidance at key moments.

Flegal Law Office has been a trusted advisor to business owners for 33 years. Scott Flegal has trained extensively in negotiation, mediation and decision-making tactics and strategies. When it comes to small business challenges there is very little that he has not seen or dealt with before.

By choosing Flegal Law Office you add Scott to your team. He can get to know you and your business and work closely with you to improve your decision-making.


If you are like most business owners, every day you go to work and spend most of your time solving problems. Why not get better at it?

Business owners face all types of problems requiring all sorts of experience and expertise. Some problems can be solved internally. Not every problem involves a legal issue. Scott Flegal knows the law, he has been working in it for 33 years. But his training and experience in Negotiation and Mediation strategies provides him with an approach to problem-solving and analysis that most business lawyers simply don’t have. Scott understands that business problems are best resolved outside of the courtroom, through smart negotiating strategies.

If you or your business are facing a problem that seems impossible to resolve, give Flegal Law Office a call and let Scott Flegal put his years of problem-solving training and experience to work for you.

Lawyer and Mediator

As a business owner you need experienced counsel who will keep your business out of court. Scott Flegal’s training and years of experience negotiating and mediating problems and disputes means he fits the bill.

Scott Flegal has been practicing business law since 1985. When it comes to business problems and disputes, there are very few that he has not seen or experienced. At the same time, Scott has trained extensively at advanced week-long workshops at the Harvard Law School Summer Program of Instruction for Lawyers and the Harvard Program on Negotiation. Scott understands that great negotiators are made, not born. His work in these two distinct but related fields makes him uniquely qualified to help you resolve your negotiating challenges and business conflicts in the most productive way possible.